TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) FOR MUNICIPAL/DISTRICT ENGINEERING COORDINATIONG TEAMS (ECTs). The team member position for the Inauguration of the Municipal Engagement Team (E.C.T) and Swearing in its Members is to represent their communities and provide guidance. on 15th March,2023

  • 1. Shall ensure encroachment free highways and arterial roads.
  • 2. Shall ensure communication and coordination between member Agencies to prevent damages caused to utility and road infrastructure.
  • 3. Shall support member Agencies to build strong institutions to discharge their established mandate professionally without fear and favor.
  • 4. Shall ensure that the laying of utilities conform to provisions in the policy Guidelines
  • 5. Shall ensure that encroachments in road reservation within the locality are cleared.
  • 6. Shall coordinate with the National and Regional ECTs.