LEAP is both conditional and unconditional cash transfer programme which targets the poorest and the most vulnerable groups in Ghana, and attempts to provide them with a springboard with which to “LEAP” out of poverty.

The main objectives of this programme has been to reduce poverty among the poorest and vulnerable Households in Ghana, seeks to improve basic Households consumption and nutrition , increase access to health care services by registering beneficiary households with NHIS, and more so increase enrolments at the basic level and retention by reducing attraction rate.

Again the LEAP has its own challenges of weak coordination of the social interventions to link Leap beneficiaries to complementary services, limited staffing to implement services, limited capacity of staff and inadequate logistics ( vehicles, computers etc.)

Despite the challenges, the department is still working hard with the LEAP management in LMS to increase the number of beneficiary communities in the district and appeal to both national and the districts offices to support with logistics for effective and efficient performance. On 7th March,2023