The Department exists to facilitate the mobilization and use of available human and material resources to improve the living standards of individuals, groups, families and communities within an effectively decentralized system of administration.

The Department also prevents and responds to social exclusion and mal adjustment within      the context of national and sub national development efforts.


To take the lead in integrating the disadvantaged, vulnerable and excluded in mainstream of Development


Work in partnership with individuals, families, groups and communities to improve their social wellbeing through their active participation in promoting development with equity.


  • Provide Community Education & Mobilization on Government Policies and other Organizations.
  • Support extension Services to Government and Non-Government organization
  • Assist communities to undertake self-help initiated development projects
  • Assist people to undertake income generating activities.
  • Assist in the selection and training of local artisans for community initiated projects.
  • Secretary to Social Services sub-Committee
  • Provide quarterly reports to the Assembly
  • Serve on the District Planning Coordinating Unit (DPCU)
  • Provide assistance to registered disable and vulnerability.
  • Provide Social Protection to vulnerability
  • Justice and Administration
  • Serve on Family Tribunal at Court
  • Child Right Promotion and Protection
  • Support Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) Programme
  • Enforce law on child labour
  • Embark on Education and Sensitization on social issues
  • Disburses 3% of District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) to people with Disabilities (PWD)