The Department of Physical Planning manages the activities of the Department of Town and Country Planning and the Departments of Parks and Gardens.

The Department advices the Assembly on national policies on physical planning, land use and development. They also coordinate activities and projects of departments and other agencies including non-governmental organizations to ensure compliance with planning standards. They assist in preparations of physical plans as a guide for the formulation of development policies, decisions and to design projects within the Assembly. They advise on setting out approved plans for future development of land at the district level.

The Department also advises on the conditions for the construction of public and private buildings and structures and assist to provide the layout for buildings for improved housing layout and settlements and ensure the prohibition of the construction of new buildings unless building plans submitted have been approved by the Assembly. They also advise and facilitate the demolishing of dilapidated buildings and recovery of incurred cost in connection with the demolishing. The Department advises the Assembly on the siting of billboards, masts and ensure compliance with the decisions of the Assembly and also advises on the acquisition of land property in the public interest, and undertake street naming, numbering of houses and related issues.