On the 31st march to 1ST April, 2023, the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) organized two-day training on Administrative Data Collection for some selected Heads of Departments of Kwaebibirem municipal Assembly. The exercise was aimed at improving the skills of the participants in the collection, management, and analysis of administrative data.

The first day of the training focused on the basics of administrative data collection, lessons taken from the role out of segment one of the exercises, the role of administrative data in the preparation of Medium Term Development Plan and Annual Progress Report and Introduction to MMDAs Data Template.

The District Coordinating Director; Mr. Fred Owusu-Akowuah received the team from GSS to the municipal. He revealed that the exercise was very important to improve revenue collection within the district. He also added that this exercise would go a long way to help the municipal in preparation of its local plans and documents and have a very credible consolidated data.

The organizer took participants through the role of administrative data in the Medium Term Development Plan and Annual Progress Report. He mentioned that the data would help identify key areas where developmental allocations would be administered. The data would also be able to help improve Local Economic Development within the district.

The second organizer also took the participants through the template for the administrative data collection. The template which has numerous sectors including Agriculture, Electricity, Education, Roads, Crime, Road Accidents, Improved Sanitation, Births, Death, Local Economic Development, Health, Water and Sanitation, Forestry, Assembly Revenue and SDG Budget. The template has also an introduction sheet where designated officers would enter their details. It was also added that, after the data compilation, the District Statistician would upload to a dedicated platform.

Members were put into groups to practice how to use the template on day two of the training. The grouped were able to determine some shortfalls about the template which was reported to the team from GSS for further reporting to their authorities. Participants were also informed about a metadata which would further explain all the indicators in the template.

Members were also taken through the SDGs and how to extract the SDG budget from the Activate and GIFMIS system. The facilitator also took participants through how to identify and handle data sources, method of computation and references and documentation. He finally gave some guidelines to the District Statistician in the pre-data, data and post-data collection.

In the concluding remarks of the training, the District coordinating Director Mr. Fred Owusu-Akowuah, for the municipal expressed his gratitude to the Ghana Statistical Service for the intense training on Administrative Data Collection which would help the Municipal compile and collate accurate data that would inform policy decision. He again expressed gratitude to all members and urged everyone to take the training serious. He finally mentioned that the doors of the assembly were always open to the Ghana Statistical Service.