On Tuesday 4th April, 2023. The Assembly held its 1st general assembly meeting of the year 2023 at the municipal hall Kade. The meeting began with an opening prayer at 10:30 am. In attendance was the Hon. Presiding member who is for the chairman of the general assembly meeting, Hon. MCE, the municipal coordinating director, Hon. Assemblyman and heads of department and units. The police commander and the fire service, the ECG and the GWCL manager and other invited guest. The preceding member Hon. Lovelace Addo welcome members to meeting and further gave his opening address. He expresses his gratitude to all assembly members, heads of departments, Hon. MP, Nananom and all guest for honoring the invitation. He also appealed to the assembly members to give out maximum coordination during the meeting. Hon members were also sanitized the RTI bill. The district police commander also did a presentation on security situation in the municipality.

The municipal chief executive for Kwaebibirem Assembly, Hon. Seth Antwi Boasiako was called upon to deliver his sessional address the house. He began by expressing his gratitude to all member’s present. He also took the opportunity to express his heartfelt appreciation to the Hon. PM, heads of departments and institutions present, Nananom and stakeholders for their contribution towards development of the municipality. He centered his address on finance, health, education, security, agriculture, community and social development, environmental health and human resource development.

On finance, he mentioned that assembly was able to collect an amount of GHc444, 627 from it local source as at 31st march, 2023 in respect of internally generated revenue and the figure represent 31.64% of the targeted annual figure of GHc1, 405, 1719

On the issues of health, the director in collaboration with education directorate held a nutrition friendly school initiative (NFSI) program. They also embark on tuber closes (TB) screening exercise at Abaam, Asuom, Otumi, Pramkese and Subi, 342 births was recorded by health directorate with the 1st quarter of 2023. 18 deaths recorded.

Diarrhea, malaria, intestinal worm, rheumatism and joint pain were the most common disease recorded in the municipality.

On education, he mentioned that the Municipal Education Department has rolled out some programs and activities to enhance quality teaching and learning in the Municipality. Some of the programs include Reposting of teachers who had served over eight (8) years or more in particular school. The rationale behind this is to inject new zeal into the system to improve teaching and learning. They also sensitize BECE candidate’s community outreach program which was also held at Koka and Minta Bomeng School to sanitize stakeholders in their right and responsibilities in quality education delivery.

On Agriculture, he stated that, training of farmers on bees-keeping and snail farming at Otumi was held. Training of farmers on fall army worm’s management was organized at Amoku.

Fish farming and animal production training was also held at Adjeko.

Hon. MCE further stated that the Agricultural department was fortunate to be selected as part of Ghana. Rice improvement project (GRIP) which is been rolled out by the regional Agriculture Directorate in collaboration with JICA.

On community and social development, he stated that, 37 PWDs were shortlisted out of a number of applications received. He said the beneficiaries will be supported in the area of health, education and economic activities.

He also mentioned that, five people benefited from health support, nine of people benefited from education and twenty –three also benefited from economic support.

On Environmental health and sanitation, he mentioned that, disinfection exercise was done at Kade and Asuom dumping sites. Premises Inspection was also carry out to ensure nuisance of public health effect is controlled. Sanitation by-law defaults were also sent to court for prosecution. Lastly, Hon MCE also touched on the up-coming 35th Anniversary of the Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly. He mentions that committee has been put in place by management to execute this historic event.

He further presented the report from the executive committee and all the six sub-committees of the Assembly.

The house approved MCE’s sessional address which includes the Executive committees report.

The honorable presiding member in his conclusion remarks, express his gratitude to all members and heads of department and other invited guest for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the meeting. He wished them all the best of luck and safe journey to their respective destination.