The final refuse disposal site of the Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly is located at Adankrono. The site is being managed by the waste landfills company limited to ensure that waste generated, collected and stored are well disposed of. This helps to prevent spillage of refuse at the refuse container site.


  • To push and level the final refuse dump site
  • To make the place conducive to cart more waste there

The Team Undertook the Following Activities

On the 4th July 2022 the team from wastes landfills arrived at Kwaebibirem and started work on the solid waste final disposal site at Adankrono

The team undertook the following activities

Pushed, spread, levelled and compacted heaps of solid waste measuring about Six (6) feet high in layers covering six (6) acre land at Adankrono landfill site.

Compacted the heaps of waste pushed to the edges to reduce the volume and also form berms to prevent the inflow of run-off water and outflow of leachate.

Reshape the section of access road leading to the site

The team also successfully pushed and levelled the dumping

The exercise ended on the 7th July 2022 and paved way for refuse to be dumped there at ease.

Figure 1During levelling

Figure 2After the levelling

Conclusion: The exercise was satisfactorily done