17 September 2022 has been designated by WHO as world clean-up day. The ministry of Sanitation and water resources issued a directive for Assemblies to commemorate the day.

Upon the directive by the water and sanitation ministry to embark on the clean-up exercise, the Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly undertook clean up exercise at Kade.


1. To clean the town off filth

2. To use the opportunity to advocate for behavioral change


The exercise was graced by, heads of department of the Assembly and their staff, the Kade Abusuapayin and his subjects, the Environmental Health Staffs and other Assembly Staffs, the Assembly member for zongo, the market Queen, NADMO Staff, traders and staffs of Zoomlion Company.


Prior to the exercise, the residents of the municipality were health educated on the Susu Biribi on the need to partake in the exercise and the need to practice regular cleaning of the environment.

The exercise which started at 6:00 am on the 17 of September 2022 was characterized by sweeping, collection and evacuation of refuse, and scrubbing of fish market. The Ghana National Fire Service, Kade helped in providing water for the scrubbing.  The Assembly provided items such as wheelbarrows, brooms, scrubbing brushes and rakes while compaction truck was made available for transportation of refuse to the final disposal site.



Kade Abusuapayin Addressing participants after the clean up




Educating residents of Kwaebibirem on the world clean-up day

 The exercise was successful as accumulation of heaps of refuse located in some abandoned stalls was cleared; also the meat shop was scrubbed to make the slabs hygienic for use. Furthermore the participants were educated on the need to keep the environment clean. The Kade Abusuapayin on his part educated the participants on the need to educate their children for them to have a bright future 


 The exercise was successfully carried out since residents came out in their numbers to make the exercise better than previous ones