At the end of deliberations, the following recommendations were made for consideration at the Executive committee meeting. On 2nd March, 2023

Operations of Quack Veterinary Practitioners.

On the above, the Committee agreed that to encourage the culture of engaging veterinary services and to reduce the activities of quack persons, the Agric Department should familiarize the Veterinary officers by touring their respective jurisdictions and publicize their contact information within each of the four zones they have been deployed to. The Committee also recommended that culprits offering quack service should be invited o the Assembly and sanctioned

Future of Oil palm industry 

The committee recommends that Municipal Assembly should actively collaborate with the Ghana Tree Crop Authority to benefit from the Initiatives mission to maximize the cultivation, harvesting< extraction and processing of especially oil palm and by-products in the Municipal.

State of Aquaculture in the Municipality

The Committee also recommends that the Department of Agric should embark on intensive public education in communities to encourage more people into fish farming and also help with those already in the profession with best practices that will increase yield.

Destruction of Farms by Cattle

Lastly, the sub- Committee also recommends that the Assembly should engage Stakeholders and Shepherds in a meeting to find ways to limit cattle meeting within the Municipality