On Monday, February 12, 2024, the Kwaebibirem Municipal meeting celebrated a momentous occasion by holding its eighth meeting at the Assemblies of God Church in Kade.

The event marked the start of a new term for local government in the area and was attended by a number of dignitaries, including chiefs, opinion leaders, heads of departments, and community members.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Fred Owusu-Akowuah, opened the proceedings by introducing the esteemed visitors in attendance. This section offered a chance to recognize the presence of distinguished persons who are essential to the development and management of the Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Honorable Seth Antwi Boasiako, gave a heartfelt welcoming speech after the introductions, which established the tone for the remainder of the event. During his remarks, he emphasized the importance of the event and delineated the goals and priorities for the upcoming assembly term, underscoring the dedication to meeting community needs. He urged them to contribute to the assembly's revenue mobilization efforts in addition to working diligently and effectively on the project. Finally, he urged everyone to take the positive message from the assembly back to their individual voting districts.

The swearing-in of both appointed and elected assembly members served as the main event of the inauguration. The assembly members formally assumed their duties and obligations during this solemn occasion, which was presided over by a magistrate. His Worship also made a commitment to serve the area with honesty and diligence. They swore an oath of secrecy and office.

The President's representative, Hon. Francisca Oteng Mensah, the Deputy Ministry for Gender, Children, and Social Protection, gave a speech that was a standout highlight of the ceremony. However, because the President's representative was unavailable, the Municipal Coordinating Director read the speech in the Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly on behalf of the government, expressing the government's message and vision for local governance and development. He wished every one of the assembly's elected and appointed members well throughout their terms in office and offered his congratulations.  He reminded the recently sworn assembly members that strong governance required full citizen participation in the process of development. In order to improve the interaction between duty bearers and the public, he then urged members to develop platforms for regular community engagements, community durbars, and other digitalized instruments for citizen participation.

The second part of the program focused on the election of the Presiding Member, a crucial position responsible for chairing assembly meetings and facilitating decision-making processes. Led by the Municipal Electoral Commissioner, the election process involved multiple rounds of voting. However, neither the three Honorable (Owusu Rexford, Eric Abrokwah and Issac Kofi Amoako) attained two-thirds majority for election. Consequently, the election was adjourned to allow for further deliberations and voting within a specified timeframe of 10 working days.

The Municipal Coordinating Director who also doubles as the Secretary of the Assembly expressed it profound gratitude to all members, distinguished guests and the general public for attending the ceremony and wished everyone well.