3D Map feature update and modelling workshop.

The workshop was organized as part of the activities of the Governing Multifunctional Landscapes (GML) Project. The GML Project was implemented by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) with funding from the European Commission. Participants for this workshop were drawn from the Department of Agriculture, Development Planning, Physical Planning, Forestry Commission, NADMO and the Business Advisory Centre.

Farmers were also selected from Kade, Takyiman and Asuom as participants. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Emily Ghallagher, a Scientist from CIFOR with support from Mawuli Sevor, the GML Research Officer. The training afforded participants with the opportunity to learn about the 3D map making process, features on the map and how to add new features to the map. Participants therefore identified key features they wanted to see on the map with respect to their areas of interest.

Subsequently, participants were taken through climate change and adaptability modelling with respect to land use planning using Participatory Scenario Analysis. By the end of the scenario modelling exercise, participants realized that the choices they make in terms of land use can expose them to more risks as a result of changes in the climate. However, understanding the effects of land use ecosystems can help farmers, planners and other decision makers to select or implement land use in such a way as to mitigate against the negative effects of the climate and build resilience into the landscape. At the end of the workshop, all participants agreed that the activities were relevant to their work and that the 3D map needs to be actively used in planning and decision making as far as the Municipality was concerned.