The 2023 Green Ghana Celebration was held on June 9, 2023, and was organized by the Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly in cooperation with the Municipal NADMO Directors and Forestry Commission to promote environmental sustainability and address the negative effects of mining and climate activities in the Municipality. Aiming to restore mined-out lands, the celebration, which had the theme "Our Forest, Our Health," planted 126,252 trees, or 127% of the Municipality's total, and 1,000 tree seedlings.

The special guest, the Municipal Chief Executive, emphasized the value of planting trees and urged residents and students to participate in afforestation projects in their local communities.

The three main goals of the 2023 Green Ghana Celebration were to promote environmental sustainability, involve the community, and reclaim mined-out fields. During the occasion, 1,000 tree seedlings were planted in total. These saplings were carefully chosen to complement the neighborhood ecosystem and the Municipality's forestry initiatives. Adaptability to the local climate, ecological relevance, and potential economic benefits were taken into account while choosing the species.

The Green Ghana Celebration also actively involved local residents, organizations from all sectors, as well as churches, schools, and community leaders. The occasion provided a forum for instructing attendees about the value of planting trees and their advantages for the environment.

The Municipal Chief Executive gave a motivational speech in which he emphasized the value of planting trees for environmental preservation. The message urged residents to take charge of their environment by establishing trees in each area. The goal of the lecture was to encourage community members to adopt sustainable habits. He stated that the event would aid in the repair of mined-out fields inside the Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly by planting 1,000 tree seedlings.

The trees will contribute to the overall ecological balance of the area by preventing soil erosion, enhancing biodiversity, improving air quality, providing protection for people and wildlife, and improving biodiversity. He reiterated that the maintenance, the communities' preference for fruit trees over other types of trees, the necessity for proper education, the requirement to transport seedlings to non-reserved regions, and the difficulty in obtaining property were the key challenges encountered in prior planting efforts. He said that several players would guarantee the long-term survival and upkeep of the newly planted trees. The Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly should work with local businesses, NGOs, students, churches, and other organizations in the future to promote afforestation, he concluded future plans for planting trees. In conclusion, the Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly's 2023 Green Ghana Celebration was successful in reclaiming mined-out fields by planting 1,000 tree seedlings. The occasion fostered neighborhood participation in afforestation initiatives and underlined the need of personal responsibility in environmental conservation. These programs have the potential to provide a greener and more sustainable future for the Municipal with continuous support.