The Parade Commander,

The Hon. Member of Parliament,

Hon. Presiding Member,

Assembly Members,


Religious Leaders,

Heads of various Security Agencies,

Heads of Various Departments and Units,

Staff of KbMA,

Staff of the Ghana Education Service,


Friends from the Media

Students/ Pupils

Invited Guests,

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

On this day, 65 years ago, Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declared the then Gold Coast as an independent country free from British Colonial rule. In so doing, our beloved nation, Ghana, did not only become the first Sub- Sahara African Country to be independent but also became an embodiment of the dreams and aspirations of the rest of Africa.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our dear nation, Ghana, has since then championed the African liberation struggle with the unshakeable belief that, in order for her own independence to achieve the desired impact, the entire African continent must embrace the ideology of working together in order to bounce back better in the wake of the economic fallouts following COVID-19.

Nananom, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since the overwhelming endorsement by Ghanaians through the election of the President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, he has made it a point to ensure that the celebrations are not only witnessed in Accra, as it was the case before his time but in recent times other parts of the country such as Tamale and Kumasi have witnessed these celebrations at the national level. Currently, the National programme is being held in the Central Region, precisely Cape Coast.

The Independence Day celebration is not a day meant to only gather around to make merry and watch school children exhibit their beautiful marching skills but it is a day to celebrate, honour and remember our forefathers who fought tirelessly for us to attain freedom and grow our democratic dispensation.

As experienced, our country has been faced with quite a number of challenges over the years, from a high housing deficit, to high illiteracy rates but since the coming into being of the Akufo Addo led administration in 2017, a large amount of work has gone into ensuring that our dear nation, Ghana, is put on a path of addressing some of these challenges with the introduction of the Free Senior High School initiative and the construction of low and middle income estate houses for Ghanaians among others.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is without a doubt that the NPP government has in the past few years supervised a significant growth in our economy with the establishment of a Zongo Development Fund, Implementation of Planting for Food and Jobs programme, Digitalization of clearance of goods at the ports through paperless ports, 1 District 1 Factory Project, Implementation of a National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme, Establishment of an Integrated bauxite and aluminium industry among a long list of other equally vital initiatives.

Nananom, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2020, when the whole world was hit with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, it did not only affect the health of people specifically Ghanaians, but it also disrupted the progress on the development and growth of our country as it was being spear headed by H. E Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo. This is evidenced by the current estimated poverty rate of 25% and an inflation rate of 9.9%.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In order to quickly return to a resilient and vibrant economy that can drive the developmental agenda of the country, it is essential that we all work together to rebuild what has been destroyed by the emergence of this global crisis. It is in line with this believe, that the government has chosen ‘‘WORKING TOGETHER, BOUNCING BACK BETTER’’ as the theme for this year’s Independence Day celebration.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, the aim for ‘‘Working together, Bouncing Back Better’’ is a quest to build a self-reliant, confident, optimistic and prosperous nation with a strong and thriving democratic society in which mutual trust and economic opportunities exist for all. This can only be made possible if we all play our respective roles and perform the required civic duties such as paying of taxes (fees, permits, rates).

Nananom, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The government has introduced the now famous “E-LEVY”. This is an electronic transaction levy which is intended to widen the tax net and rope in the informal sectors. The E-levy covers mobile money payments, bank transfer and inward remittances just to mention a few.

Sources indicate that the total digital transactions for 2020 were estimated to be over GHC 500 billion which is equivalent to $81 billion compared to GHC 78billion ($12.5 billion) in 2016 which represents a huge growth in just about five years that has allowed the government the opportunity to embark most of its developmental projects and programs across the country.

It is based on these facts that the government believes this E-levy is going to go a long way to help it raise the needed revenue to embark on numerous developmental projects within the country which include investments in entrepreneurship, youth employment, security, digital & road infrastructure as well as pay Common Fund allocations for MMDAs.

In view of this, I plead and encourage every one of us here especially Nananom to support the NPP government’s E-levy initiative to be passed by parliament to serve its intended purpose.

Nananom, Ladies and Gentlemen

These civic duties are not beyond us, especially if we desire to see an appreciable amount of development in our Communities, Municipality and Country as a whole.

It is evident for all to see that the Municipality is developing at a fast pace.  Our Municipality is witnessing various infrastructural developments ranging from construction of schools, roads, market, health facilities and portable water systems. These can only happen if we all contribute our quota by paying the needed property rates, building permits and tolls required by us according to the law.

Nananom, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just this past Tuesday, H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the President of the Republic launched the 2022 edition of ‘Green Ghana Day’, with the commitment to planting some twenty million trees this year, as part of the government’s aggressive afforestation and reforestation programme.


Again, I am pleased to announce that as a Municipality, we will also be replicating same by handing over a total of Sixty thousand seedlings to schools, households, health facilities and other institutions to plant and grow. This project is aimed at providing economic, environmental and aesthetic benefits to our district.

I urge us all to work together and help make this project a huge success in July this year when the distribution and planting of seedlings commence.

Nananom, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We cannot downplay the activities of tricycle operators (Pragia, Aboboyaa, etc) in our municipality. It will interest all to know that Plans are far underway to meet with all tricycle riders and owners in the municipality. This meeting has become needful because the Assembly wants to regulate the operations of the increasing number of tricycles in our Municipality.

Nananom, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Following my promise to always award outstanding students in our Municipality at every Independence Day, this promise has always been fulfilled until the outbreak of COVID-19 that brought about a halt in the celebrations.  

The 2020 BECE saw Osei Redeem Michael (Asuom M/A Model Sch.) emerging as the best male student in our Municipality with aggregate 07, Owusu Kristodia from Kade Mcnelius SDA JHS recorded an aggregate 08.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the two second cycle schools in our Municipality showed their prowess in academics by picking an award each. Mr. Aboagye Akomeng of Kade Senior Sec/tech emerged as the best male student in the Municipality. Mr. Aboagye Akomeng scored aggregate 10 in the WASSCE while Ms Oppong Linda of Asuom Senior High School emerged as the best female student with an aggregate 08.

This awards scheme is geared towards encouraging our school children to not only thrive to excel in extra curriculum activities such as sports and parade exhibitions but more importantly concentrate on their academic work and thrive to be the best or among the best academically.


Nananom, Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we celebrate Ghana’s 65th Independence Anniversary today, I consider it a time for some reflection on our past and present failures; but also a moment to celebrate our success story as an independent nation. It is also a moment to rekindle hope in the Ghana beyond aid agenda. I am of the unwavering belief that as we continue to work together we will bounce back better and translate this vision into reality.

At this point, I will like to thank everyone for being part of this memorable and festive Independence Day celebration especially the school children, teachers, the security agencies, the planning committee members, and all those who in one way contributed to the success of this year’s independence anniversary celebration.

I wish us all a Happy 65th Independence Day Celebration!

Long live Kwaebibirem Municipality!

Long live Ghana!

Thank You!